Data Migration and Replication

Data migration and data replication

Data migration and replication

Industrialize applications migration or heterogeneous data replication

The evolution of Information Systems implies new applications, then the need to migrate the data from a previous application to a new one. At the same time, some organizations may need to replicate data from one technology to another one, in order to have backup systems. This is why data migration and data replication are vital projects.


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Your needs

  • Your organization is evolving and acquiring new applications or ERP software
  • Your organization is expanding through external or organic growth, and necessitates developing or merging complex Information Systems.
  • These evolutions imply the migration of all or part of your data into the new systems.
  • With this migration arises the need to control and certify the data.
  • You wish to continue using your applications with no service interruption during the migration.


Our answers

Stambia enables you to industrialize migration phases as well as data certification routines.

Stambia's replication and control components and its ability to industrialize developments make it an ideal and reliable solution.

Due to several experiences in this area that have strngthened its expertise, Stambia brings you a guarantee of success if you reorganize or merge your Information Systems.


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