« Development time has been divided by 5 »


Groupe Pro BTP covers personal and professional risks for the building sector: companies, craftsmen, workers and retirees.


With more than 4.8 million calls received, 106,000 corporate appointments made by PRO BTP consultants, 514,000 persons received by its offices, the Group’s business requires the computer processing of an extremely high volume of data, in order to guarantee all the services to the various trades:

  • Pension
  • Health plans
  • Savings
  • Social Work
  • Holidays


Groupe Pro BTP had to optimize its IT processes to preserve its leading position faced with the transformations created by newcomers in its market area.

This IT revision plan focused on business intelligence and the evolution of available tools to meet new challenges based, among other things, on saving time in processing data, the development of the applications necessary to the evolution of Pro BTP’s business and the will to deliver the best services to its customers.

To answer this problem, Pro BTP made a benchmark on the modification of the processing of SQL queries in SaaS mode.

« The processing of all our requests took extremely long before the Stambia solution was implemented and our responsiveness was particularly weak…» reports Virginie Samson, in charge of Business Intelligence at Pro BTP Group.

« Our need for data retrieval derived from an extremely large volume of data given the diversity of services in our Group ».

Groupe Pro BTP made its choice based on Stambia’s ELT mode and its ability to assist. Indeed, « Given the large volume of data to be extracted and transformed, it was essential for us to be able to work on an actual base in a homogeneous environment, rather than adding a new «layer». Today, the development time has been divided by 5 thanks to the implementation of the Stambia solution » adds Virginie Samson.

The graphic approach of the Stambia solution made a genuine difference in the choice and the support of the project. Similarly, the intuitive side facilitated the teams’ approach. In a short time, the solution became part of the daily work. The Stambia project team made a POC that helped the solution to be installed in a fluid way and to quickly carry out extremely conclusive tests. Competing solutions (Oracle and Talend) were tested, but were not able to respond to the different criteria in an optimal way. The specifications were extremely precise: they required real flexibility, proven scalability, expertise on the Big Data aspect of the project, as well as a realistic and concrete cost scheme. Moreover, the proximity of Stambia teams, their expertise and their responsiveness were a demonstration of their difference.

Flexibility and agility are the terms that could qualify the implementation of the Stambia solution, compared to other traditional approaches.

« 5 days were enough for the solution to be operational in our context. Thanks to the technical templates, everything is prepared, the tool is simple and intuitive, and ready to use » emphasizes Virginie Samson.

« The Stambia support teams are based in France, there is a real ease in the relationship we have with them. We save a lot of time, thanks to a mutual understanding, and the propositions of the solution’s evolution are really promising. In addition, Stambia is a reassuring team and shares its knowledge base through a dedicated forum. The idea of the user club also brings a real advantage to its know-how » highlights Virginie Samson.

Since the implementation of the Stambia solution, the utilization rate is + 40%. The time saved by the IT teams (time divided by 5) in terms of development allowed to respond optimally to the increasing number of requests, and thus to optimize their level of service when answering and providing support to their internal customers.

« It’s so fast, that when we make a request in the morning, we’re generally confident about having the answers in the afternoon », says one of the 15 daily users.

Thanks to the Stambia solution, the PRO-BTP data platform benefits from all the power of a non-intrusive and cost-effective technology. This was necessary to master the whole of its environment and be efficient in the context of an increasing volume of data. The processed data is in the range of 8 terabytes which means 24 useful terabytes (vs 32 on machine), with a compression ratio 1 for 10 (100 terabytes of capacity).

The Stambia solution accompanies Pro-BTP every day, and demonstrates the solution’s adaptability, simply, efficiently and at a low cost.



Key Benefits

Productivity :

  • Development time divided by 5


Features :

  • Rich graphical functionalities and statistics
  • Global view and easy reading
  • Scalability and flexibility of the solution


Performance :

  • Processes an extremely large amount of data (even beyond the business intelligence)


Relationship with Stambia:

  • Customized support
  • User satisfaction (rating: 5/5)


Company Size

5213 employees (data of 2015)



  • Databases : IBM Netezza, IBM DB2, Oracle, Hypersonic SQL
  • Other : XML, Flat files, LDAP
  • Areas : Business Intelligence, Big Data
About Pro BTP

Pro BTP is a group that provides social protection for workers in the construction industry. It serves 3.5 million members and 208 000 companies.

PRO BTP is a nonprofit and jointly managed company providing services and benefits to employees, pensioners, craftsmen and construction companies, in the fields of pension, health plans, savings, insurance, social work and holidays.

PRO BTP covers personal and professional risks in the construction industry for companies, craftsmen, workers and pensioners.


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