Learn how the new generation data integration solution can help you move with agility, simplicity and adaptability!




Today's challenges are efficiency, ability to quickly adapt and continuous innovation for digital business.

Stambia will be participating to the Swiss BI Day in Geneva on October 6th.

Agility, flexibility and performance are the key points to succeed. The data integration and data management processes are at the heart of these needs. If you don’t get this right, you are bound to hit a roadblock.

How can your organisation take advantage of the only truly bimodal and agile data integration solution available to drive your digital journey?

Join us for an afternoon to learn:

  • How you can transform your organisation today to provide this agility?
  • How to build efficient data integration and data governance processes?
  • Why it is critical to explore new ways to think data integration processes?

Find out how S&I Systems and Stambia can help you accelerate your analytics, cloud and big data initiatives with an agile and bimodal data integration solution that works for you!

To have more information and participate, please follow the link towards our partner website.