As covered in our previous article, new technologies and new ways of thinking about data and its representation have profoundly changed the architecture of Information Systems..

Data integration solutions have gone from the man-orchestra to the conductor model.But to play which score? 

That of a well-tuned quartet? Or that of a chamber orchestra, playing a limited selection of instruments?

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The world of lingerie is both traditional and modern. This is reflected in Chantelle’s information system, led by André Wei, the technical director of the group. The information system’s data flow exchanges have been entrusted to Stambia and though the significance of the data integration tool is not necessarily perceived by users, its implementation is nonetheless a key element for the business side of the company and its digital transformation.

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Great! "It's Saturday morning, I only dream of one thing, go buy new tires for my car! Let's be honest, I hope you never said that in real life. No doubt you have never experienced the slightest pleasure when buying and changing your vehicle’s tires. You've certainly waited until the last moment, you've certainly cursed the mechanic and his exorbitant rates, and you've certainly grabbed the best available promotion, without really worrying about the TCO (total cost of ownership) of your tires. Rest assured that’s normal. Even though this is not the best way to make this kind of investment. Nevertheless, if you do this when choosing an integration platform,it is more troubling!

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Management of daily production tasks is a key topic for any data integration project.

Version 3.1 of Stambia Production Analytics is the result of a deep work realised in collaboration with our customers.
This new release delivers a new, more intuitive graphical interface, coming with a set of new features that make it easy to automate the deployment of processes in production and to manage the versions of the objects.

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Under a blazing sun and surfing on the turquoise water of Annecy Lake, the Dragon's Angels  team won the title of world champion for the second year in a row in the category Dragon (22-inch paddle designed for four persons).

Stambia is proud and congratulates them again for this great performance.

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They are the current world champions and will have to defend their title. Competition promises to be fierce, but we believe in them!  

Once again this year, Stambia is pleased to sponsor the Dragon's Angels for the Dragon World Cup.   

Please mark the date: June 15th and 16th, 2019 on the Lac d’Annecy (Haute-Savoie, France).  

Do come and cheer for the 2018 title holder! 


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