We are here to serve you

Expertise and project development

Our commitment towards our customers is our priority, so we take great care to provide you the service you need and work hand in hand with you for as long as you need us.

All Stambia's consultants come from companies or editors that work in the area of data integration or related areas.

We have also established a network of partners based on trust and skills.

We train our partners to be sure they are able to implement our technology.

For more information about our privilege partners, take a look on the partners page.


Remote Support & Assistance

Advice often comes from the support which brings practical solutions to your daily problems.

In addition to the standard editor's support that can be reached by Internet or by phone, we have established a remote help system based on two technologies:

  • Stambia's architecture allows you as a customer to easily transfer your workspace to Stambia's support teams or to one of the consultants. This is a good means for your interlocutor to understand your environment and to come up with a quick answer to your questions.
  • Stambia can also give a remote demonstration or take control of your work station, through dedicated tools, which lessens travel expenses. With the help of these tools, your problems are taken into account more quickly, and we are more able to dialogue with you.