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Are you ready to discover how to use Stambia Data Integration while having fun? Play with a unified solution, based on a scalable technology, and realize all your data integration projects.

Step by step, follow our guide, get started quickly and make your first data flow on your own.

And to go further, discover our training program as well as our other resources.

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Draw a straight line to the success of your projects thanks to Stambia Data Integration

How to start quickly with Stambia?

Demonstration of Stambia Data Integration in video

Take 12 minutes to discover how to use Stambia Data Integration and make yours first data flows.

In this introduction we will introduce you to:

  • the Stambia Designer development environment
  • the 3 fundamental objects:
    • the Metadata
    • the Mapping
    • the Process
  • the key concepts

In this introduction, we will give you many tips and tricks, as well as an overview of some more advanced features.

Quick overview of the Stambia Data Integration tool

To embark on Stambia Data Integration

1. Prerequisites

After having viewed our complete introduction, you will only have one desire: to try it out for yourself! In order to do this, you will need to download and install the Stambia Designer development environment. But beforehand, you will need a free demo license.

Once you have obtained your key, follow the guide to set up the first elements and realize your first tutorial.

2. Follow the first tutorial

In order to make your first data flow, we suggest you to follow our tutorial "The fundamentals of Stambia Data Integration". It will help you discover the basic features of Stambia and learn how to make your first steps. As in the introductory video, you will manipulate the 3 fundamental objects of Stambia, but this time you will be the actor!

Other tutorials are available to discover new features:



Find all the information you need to succeed with Stambia Data Integration:

  • Reference documentation (Stambia Designer, Runtime, Production Analytics)
  • Installation guides
  • Articles on various technologies
  • Best practices
  • The knowledge base
Stambia documentation


The Stambia support

The support team of your software vendor is an essential asset. They bring you, on a daily basis, concrete solutions to encountered issues. To be efficient, it is better to know how to use it wisely.

How to expand your knowledge?

Our training program

As a software company, editor of strategic solutions for our customers' information systems, we wish to offer the best know-how to our users.

4 days of training on the solution are enough to start a data integration project.

These training sessions are provided by consultants with a solid experience on various projects.

Every month, we organize standard training sessions, and we can also offer tailored training to our customers.

Certifications also allow users to assert their competence over our solutions and our customers to find resources certified by us.


Stambia Training and certification Program
The Stambia support and expertise

Support & remote expertise

Advice often comes from the support team, which brings concrete solutions to the problems you may meet.

In addition to the standard publisher support available via the internet or telephone, we have set up a remote support system based on two technologies:

  • The architecture of the Stambia solution makes it very easy for a customer to transmit his workspace to the Stambia support teams or consultants. This means that the contact-person can explore the client's environment and can find an answer to his questions much more quickly.
  • Remote control or remote demonstration is also possible via specialized tools so as to avoid travel costs. This type of tool speeds up the handling of problems and facilitates the dialogue between the customer and the technical support team.

Technical Newsletter

To stay connected with fresh information from Stambia, we offer a technical newsletter. On a regular basis, receive directly by email a concentrate of information on:

  • the last versions (Designer, Runtime, Production Analytics)
  • template evolutions
  • new connectors
  • the latest news from the knowledge base
  • alerts on versions
  • ...
stambia newsletter

Want to know more ?

Consult our resources

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