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Stambia in a few words

A Unified Solution

Integrate all types of data integration (Big Data, API / Micro-services, BI, Streaming, Data Hub...) with a single, complete solution. Migrate, aggregate, expose your data with Stambia's "universal" Mapping.

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Evolutive technology

Accelerate your developments with flexible and versatile technology. Thanks to its "template" approach, Stambia adapts natively and quickly to any changes in your information system

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A mastered trajectory

Ensure the success of your projects by freeing up IT time while decompartmentalizing your IS. Provide readability to your business teams: Stambia reduces your infrastructure costs and maximizes performance.

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Data integration consists of collecting and preparing digital data from different sources into a unified view, which includes import/export, mapping and transformations to a target, cleanup etc. This initiative is first and foremost necessary to make the data more usable and useful for the users who consult it. Collecting large volumes of data, at scale and pace, is a key challenge for every modern business: our data integration technology combined with best in class master data management software, is the solution.

Powerful ETL / ELT technology can not only facilitate data management, but also accelerate digital projects, improve data quality, and handle ever-increasing data volumes by leveraging the power of the underlying systems, especially with the advent of Big Data. A unique software to map all your data, makes it possible to provide enriched and quality data to the rest of the company. This phase of data collection and preparation, often carried out by manual coding, is often underestimated and represents up to 3/4 of the time spent on a project.

An ELT / ETL solution automates routine activities and data flows, giving IT teams the ability to focus their time and expertise on less time-consuming and higher value-added tasks. A powerful ELT system such as Stambia provides a complete range of functionalities to handle all types of data while freeing up and decompartmentalising information. Whether it is to feed a data warehouse for business intelligence, feed a Data Lake for your data scientists, expose your business data in the form of Webservices / API or micro-services, use data from IOT connected objects, or conduct Big Data initiatives, you will have an overview of your data gathered under a universal mapping.

Ready to deploy on cloud, with no infrastructure costs or serverless engine, Stambia is a unique technology that provides a universal data mapper. It is an advanced middleware technology that offers several advantages over traditional ETL software. Configuration and set-up costs are reduced, there is no infrastructure to plan for since Stambia is fully scalable and optimizes the full power of your underlying Information System. Developments are stored in a source manager (SVN, GIT, TFS...) allowing professional source management (versioning, historization, comparison, team management).

Stambia's tool is therefore the ideal solution for all types and sizes of projects.

Want to know more about the services we offer? Visit our What is Stambia? page or if you feel ready to manipulate your data and switch to a more agile and rapid development mode, we invite you to make a trial request to try the Stambia ETL / ELT tool.