What does "Stambia" mean ?

The word Stambia comes from the Sanskrit word “Stambha” (Stambia en Sanskrit) which means “the pillar”.

In a more general way, at a certain time in history, the verb “Stambh” was used in the vocabulary of architecture and buildings and meant support or strengthen.

We internationalized the word, replacing the h by the i.

“Stambia” is the centerpiece which enables the whole to keep together and stand straight. It is the keystone of the Information System, the component on which the data architecture relies and which governs it.


Looking for a name is no easy task, especially if like us, you would like this name to be cross-cultural, exportable, and easy to pronounce on every continent.

What’s more, if you want this name to be short (2 or 3 syllables), and to be still available among the more classical domain names (such as .com, .org, etc.), the challenge is about to take up all your evenings for the next few months ;).

Our research began in the « Gaffiot ». This is a very thick Latin-French dictionary, the reference book for any Latin lover. Usually, it will be found in any literate person’s bookshelves, but it could also have been used to replace a missing foot on your favorite cabinet. 1719 pages later… we had not reached our heart’s desire. Time to turn to the next dictionary: the « Bailly », from ancient Greek to French. Off we go, for a 2229 page-long trip!

That’s where you understand the amount of courage and motivation needed to create a company ;-). But good things come to those who wait. Well, waiting must here be understood as an active task. The words patience and determination would be more appropriate.

Aristotle’s language was no more successful than that of Horace. It was by pure accident that our eyes fell on a completely different dictionary, which was not waiting patiently for us in the bookshelf but on the web.

Google, let’s give it the glory it deserves, led us to a “Sanskrit to French” dictionary.

Counting in pages is no longer adapted, since we are on Internet, but let's say there were hours of research, and, I must admit, very interesting discoveries in a language that I only knew by the Indian restaurant that I regularly went to ;-).
The word Tandoori not having drawn our attention, let’s come back to our story… Chance finally led us to the word "Stambha" whose definition, which is the subject of another paragraph, fitted our vision.

Finding a name is just like innovation. It requires clear objectives and a certain determination, but it also involves the desire to search, and a little dose of luck while running down rabbit trails.

Good luck to all seekers, whether word, idea or novelty!

A few figures to get to know us

328,7 Smileys

Average number per day in our emails and messages

4 continents
8 offices

Lyon, Paris, Geneva, Lima, Mexico, New Delhi, Singapore, New York

4 million+

The minimum number of lines of written code

10 years

Of experience, innovation and successful projects with our customers

4 Kg of coffee

Grains per month only in Lyon. We still have to ask about teas


Growth of the Stambia family in 2019. Who's next?

55 000+ Km

Covered per month by the sales force, i.e. the distance from the moon to the earth in just under 7 months ;-)

Important dates

2009 Creation of Stambia by Fabien Bruder and Hugues Rérolle
2011 "Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis." Discover soon the testimony of Nicolas, a former Customer who joined Stambia!
2013 Stambia crunches the apple: release of the Mac version. The support celebrates its 1000th ticket.
2015 Creation of subsidiaries in Asia. Stambia innovates by creating universal multi-target, multi-format mapping.
2016 The users' club is launched.
2017 Creation of subsidiaries in South America. The Transformation Delegation (ELT) deploys to Hadoop and Spark.
2019 Creation of subsidiaries in North America (USA) and Mexico. The premises of Stambia Lyon are expanding and modernizing.

What are our values ?

Our values are the foundation of your success. It is because we are attached to it since the beginning that we can bring the level of result expected by each of our customers.


Bring value

Most of the Data Integration solutions, usually, are meant to do the same job, but in each area, we always make an extra effort to provide a better experience to our customers.
Our Motto: Better is always better than what is Best. We always look for opportunities that raises the 100% bar, thus bringing value to our customers everytime.


We understand the challenges faced by our customers, as well as the technological evolution, thus we are more reactive and fast.
Providing the simplest and the most effective solution, that adapts to the context of each customer, comes from the agility and flexibility of Stambia solution.

Compliance with commitments

We do not promise more than we can give and respect what has been agreed.
If our users are to achieve the results they expect, we have to keep our commitments.

Think Out of The Box

Innovation makes it possible to do better, to do more and to do differently. At Stambia, the idea that brings us together is: think different & get off the beaten tracks. In this way we can find the ideas that give a new impetus to every subject we deal with.

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