Netezza / Pure Data

Connector for Netezza, Pure data

Open Connector for Netezza

Optimize your Netezza data flows

The Netezza Open Connector for Stambia is the best way to simplify interaction (extraction or integration of data) with the Netezza MPP system from IBM, providing a high level of productivity with an amazing simplicity.


With the same agility as the other Stambia connectors, the Netezza Open Connector is directly usable and offers a high level of performance due to the ELT approach of the transformation and the use of native tools and specificities of Netezza. All preconfigured templates can also be adapted to the customer’s needs in order to provide the best solution.


Native reverse engineering

Stambia will allow to reverse any type of information, either standard information such as schemas, tables and columns, or specific information such as distribution keys and other metadata specificities for Netezza.

Moreover, the Stambia Model Driven Approach gives the opportunity to adapt (add) specific metadata which can then be used to optimize or process specific operations.


Intelligent integration and extraction methods

Stambia uses specific methods adapted to Netezza in order to integrate or extract the data. Load or export can be done using external tables or JDBC unload.

The incremental mode of integrating the data proposes different methods such as "insert and update", or "minus" methods.

Stambia uses the power of the ELT approach in order to compute the differences between the sources and the target, without the need to extract the data from Netezza to a proprietary engine.

Distribution keys and statistics are detected and used to improve the performance.


Replication and synchronization component

The replication component of Stambia allows to quickly replicate data from any third party database towards Netezza. This is particularly useful when initializing a new Netezza database, in order to initiate and migrate the database from an existing third party database like DB2 or another one.

This can be done with simple parameters and without any complex designs.

The Stambia universal mappings can also be used to complete and adapt the replication process in case there is a need to implement business specificities.

This component is optimized for Netezza and the underlying third party databases. This will bring the best level of performance.

As a standard template, the replication component can also be tuned in order to improve performances or include specificities of the customers.