Stambia announces that Chantelle Group, a French lingerie company, is deploying Stambia ETL data integration solution.


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Chantelle, founded in 1876, is in the midst of its digital transformation, switching its business model from a pure B2B sales player (historical distributor activity) to a B2C-oriented business (retailer).

As a result, the company has launched a series of initiatives to transform its business practices and therefore its Information System strategy. Several projects relate directly to data, information exchange and customer knowledge.

The deployment of Stambia DI will enable Chantelle Group to simplify its interface system and help them speed up many projects requiring data transformation and integration.


About Chantelle :  

Chantelle Group owns several lingerie brands such as Chantelle, Passionata and Chantal Thomass, which are quite close to their customers.

The Group excels in showcasing women's shapes, and has great expertise in all the facets of the business, from design to distribution.

Chantelle Group is a French lingerie company founded in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon, a pioneer in the manufacture of elastic knits. The Chantelle brand expanded thanks to the Kretz tulle used first in sheaths, then in bras.

The company is, since the 1900's, the property of the Kretz family.

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About Stambia

Stambia is a customer centric software company that provides an agile and flexible data integration solution.

The solution accelerates the digital transformation of varying sizes and types of organizations, and significantly reduces the costs related to all types of data integration projects (ETL, EAI, Streaming, API, Data Hub).

The results are tangible and immediately profitable

Stambia is a unified and scalable solution. Used for any type of data integration need (ETL / ELT Batch, Big Data, Data Lake, Real Time / Streaming, Data Hub, API / Web Services) with the same development interface ( GUI ) and the same architecture, where many products are usually needed.

Stambia is an agile and flexible technology, designed to respond quickly to the evolution of Information Systems.

Finally, Stambia makes it possible to master and make understandable all the costs related to data integration: software, hardware, development, maintenance and learning curve.

With its know-how and expertise recognized by the largest IT departments, regarded as an «Enabler» or a «Facilitator», Stambia continues to grow and gain international recognition, while keeping its motto: innovation, expertise, performance, quality, commitment, as well as proximity and customer satisfaction.