Oracle Data Integrator, 4 issues around migration

ebook : Oracle Data Integrator, 4 issues around migration

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"By 2018, 90 percent of businesses will lack a post-modern application integration strategy" 

- Gartner

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This document presents briefly the migration issues with the new versions of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI 12), and provides elements of response.

It raises the question of the management of digital transformation projects with traditional technologies, and proposes a vision bringing agility and efficiency.

For more details, additional resources are listed in the last part.

Content : 

  1. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), how to manage Big Data, No SQL, Web Services and APIs?
    • Oracle Data Integrator : limits for Big Data and Nosql projects
    • Oracle Data Integrator : complex architecture and implementation
    • Oracle, a customer relationship that seems difficult and ownership costs soaring...
    • Moving to Oracle Data Integrator 12: a challenge
  2. The agile data preparation with the Stambia ETL
    • Oracle Data Integrator : easy and seamless migration with Stambia
    • Accelerate Digital Transformation with Stambia
    • Data Integration : productivity and performance gains with Stambia
    • Stambia, an agile customer relationship
  3. Oracle Data Integrator towards Stambia : the 3 proofs of success
    • A migration to Stambia: reliable and secure
    • Stambia, many customers can talk about it
    • Stambia, a measurable and immediate ROI
  4. About Stambia