6 benefits of data integration with Salesforce

ebook : 6 benefits of Data Integration with Salesforce

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""Developing data flows around Salesforce with Stambia is like a game: fast, easy and efficient" 

- Sani, Integration project Manager at Pimkie

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In the age of digital transformation and of resulting business transformations, organizations need to reconsider the vision they have of their customers.

The implementation of a CRM platform such as Salesforce is a part of this logic of developing a 360° vision of the customers.

However, setting up Salesforce is not an end in itself. Key success points of this "Client 360" strategy are the complete integration into the Information System and the organization's processes, and the design of an effective Salesforce integration architecture.

This document focuses on the value of building this data-centric architecture and proposes a way to achieve a fast and relevant Salesforce integration.

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  1. Salesforce, the benefit of the usage of a data integration solution
    • Ensure data quality for an effective 360° customer vision
    • Interfacing Salesforce with the Information System
  2. Salesforce : the 6 benefits of data integration
    • Migrating to Salesforce.
    • Salesforce : Regular and automated data import and merging
    • Extracting Data from Salesforce for Marketing Automation
    • Analyzing Salesforce Data (BI) for Lead Tracking, Campaigns, Opportunities
    • Integrating Salesforce with Web Applications and controlling through API, Micro Services
    • Salesforce, real-time exchange and business workflow management
  3. Stambia : Implement a successful Salesforce data integration
    • Stambia for Salesforce, a native, powerful and industrial solution
    • Stambia, an agile and fast solution for Salesforce
    • Beyond Salesforce, Stambia a Unique Solution for BI, Big Data, API, Micro-Services
  4. About Stambia