Management of hierarchical data in a simple fashion

ebook : Management of hierarchical data

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"It's so easy, even a child could manipulate hierarchical data (XML, JSON, IDoc ..) with Stambia" 

- Fabien BRUDER, CEO Stambia

Hierarchies Ebook EN

Management of hierarchical data formats such as XML, JSON, SAP IDOCS or Web Services can be very complex.

Which developer has never complained about the difficulty and the time losses induced by the processing of this type of data?

This is understandable since traditional data integration solutions, designed for simpler data formats such as tables and flat files, encounter poor productivity and performance when dealing with this type of structure.

However, current technologies faced by CIOs, such as Big Data and NO SQL, massively use non-relational data.

Through this Ebook we explain how Stambia data integration software could easily help you managing complex hierarchical files and bring agility in your Information System.

Contenu : 

  • Foreword
  • The Universal Mapping
  • Mix technologies
  • Manage multiple files
  • Encapsulate technologies and formats
  • Automatic replication