«The versatility of the tool is a real asset.»


A specialist in the renovation of floors, walls, and windows, Saint Maclou decided to rely on Stambia for the redesign of its decision-making system, Analytics.

Since 2014, Saint Maclou embarked on its transformation by shifting from a "take away" sales model to a per "decoration project" sales model. The actions naturally focused on the laying down and sustainability of the associated business lines. This was achieved at the IT level by:

  • The development of tools allowing or facilitating the "project" sale with the implementation of a CRM tool and FrontOffice
  • The development of tools related to installation with the implementation of a BackOffice tool for the management of the installation cycle with. in particular, the declaration of end of service to subsequently trigger customer billing
  • The internalization of installation skills with the development of adapted HR and Payroll tools

At the same time, to accelerate the changes necessary for this transformation of model, Saint Maclou has concentrated its efforts around 3 axes:

  • Digital: With the website's redesign to extend the range of products presented, engage in a real relationship with the customer to prepare for the future and take a step towards site merchandising.
  • Store: optimization of the store base with new store formats in which a streamlined product range is displayed, in showroom-type format (Paris Nation store), with an optimally reduced surface area.
  • Logistics: support for the transformation of Saint Maclou, implementation of a project for home delivery

In this context of business developments, societal concerns and the transformation of Saint Maclou Carpets, DOSI needed a tool specializing in data integration. The first need appeared at the level of the construction of a new decision-making system. The choice quickly turned towards the French ELT solution Stambia.

« I quickly identified Stambia as a challenger to traditional solutions. Another brand of the Mulliez group, Pimkie, has chosen Stambia. Following discussions with the Stambia project manager at Pimkie, my choices were confirmed », declares Frédéric Desagre, "HR, finance, decision-making" manager and data exchange within DOSI Saint Maclou and having set up the Stambia solution.

Stambia then quickly established itself for all data exchanges within DOSI. A unified solution to address a multitude of needs without having to learn new skills. The ability to set up Web services quickly and efficiently was a plus for the FrontOffice projects relating to sales per project. Coming from a culture and a team with AS/400 skills, DOSI had to face change management with the Microsft Dynamics AX ERP implementation. Thanks to the ease of learning of the Stambia tool, the internal teams have evolved and quickly acquired new skills around data integration.

In this context, whatever the development axis, Stambia has become essential for the success of Saint-Maclou's DOSI teams:

  • To guarantee IT flows between application environments (Front-Office, ERP, WMS),
  • To structure the decision-making information system and allow the provision of management indicators.

schema it saint maclou

The Stambia project and support team was asked to set up a POC through which Talend, ODI (Sunopsis), SSIS solutions were confronted with the power and flexibility of the Stambia solution. But these competing solutions were not adopted. Indeed, Stambia offers more factorization possibilities that are simpler than with other data integration products. Also, Stambia has enabled greater visibility and cost control at all levels. The main criteria that made the difference were:

  1. The multiplicity of uses covered: in the context of DOSI on a human scale, the concentration of skills on a limited number of tools is challenging. A "Swiss Army Knife" tool that can process any data flow type is a real strength.
  2. Very responsive and accessible support: the competence, accessibility, and responsiveness of the support are an added value that further facilitates the tool's use.
  3. Backward compatibility ensured: each switch from one version to the next of the tool took place without significant difficulty, despite the important features added over the versions (multi-target mappings, staging tables, etc.)
  4. Openness and flexibility of the tool: the use of metadata allows easy factorization of regular uses. The creation of templates adapted to specific needs is possible and affordable.

« The speed of implementation was particularly appreciated, as well as the graphic approach of the solution. Stambia's architecture has also enabled us to reduce our dependence on the use of the network. This relieved us overall and saved us a lot of time», adds Frédéric Desagre.

Image Saint Maclou Fond 

Here are some examples of projects managed with the Stambia data integration solution:

  • Supply of decision-making databases:
    • Data control and power supply of the Datawarehouse
    • Consolidation and feeding of Datamarts (use of native historicization/Slowly Changing Dimensions modes)
  • CRM :
    • Update of repository tables
    • Search by Web services (customer, customer decoration project, ...)
    • Update of the customer file
  • ERP deployment support:
    • Data transfer from DB/400 from the Legacy system under AS/400
    • Implementation of inter-application data exchanges around the construction of a Datahub architecture

The following topics will revolve around the APIsation of the information system. In the longer term, discussions will be conducted around the use of data and Big Data.

The team that participated in the deployment of the Stambia solution, made up of developers among others, was able to testify to a quick and easy handling, confirming the satisfaction of the Saint Maclou brand in choosing the solution.

« I discovered Stambia with our omnichannel CRM project in 2012, and it quickly became the central tool of our IS. From web services to repository flows via MQ queues, all IS Commerce flows are now based on Stambia! », Alexandre Parisi, DOSI, Head of « Commerce » area.


« With an IT workforce dedicated to modest flows (2 to 3 FTE), the versatility of the tool is a real asset for responding to numerous needs in an agile manner! », adds Frédéric Desagre.


 specialist in the renovation of floors, walls, and windows, Saint Maclou decided
to rely on Stambia for the redesign of its decision-making system, Analytics.


  • Functional:
    • Rapid deployment of diverse kinds of flows
    • Easy reorganization of developments if necessary
  • Getting started with the product:
    • Capitalization on acquired skills (SQL)
    • Capitalization on methods (extensible templates)
  • Budget and costs:
    • Pricing per development effort (vs. Deployment)
  • Editor relationship
    • Responsive support
    • Relationship of trust

Trade (retail/wholesale) specialized distribution and installation in the decoration and furnishing of the house


SAINT MACLOU: 55 years of experience, 1,500 collaborators, 145 stores, 230 million euros turnover, 1st installation company in France, 400 Installers, 26,000 references in stores, the equivalent of 121 football pitches installed per year, 100,000 sites per year.


Saint-Maclou, France

  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, DB2/400
  • Areas: Decision-making, Inter-application flows (Datahub), CRM, ERP Microsoft Dynamics
  • Other: XML, Web Services SOAP et REST (API), Apache Active MQ

Specialist for 55 years in the renovation of floors, walls, and windows, Saint Maclou supports its clients in their decoration projects.

"We do everything to make it beautiful in your home": more than a signature, it is a very particular philosophy, with a tailor-made offer, outside of standard market proposals.

The installation, an undeniable added value, is part of the brand's DNA. And if the brand is committed to the result, it is thanks to its team of 400 installers: carpet floorers, parquet and tile layers, painters.