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La Plateforme du Bâtiment

La “Plateforme du bâtiment” offers professionals a catalog of more than 20,000 products through a network of more than 60 outlets spread over France.


The setting-up of an e-commerce website for La Plateforme du Bâtiment required an in-depth analysis. On the one hand, the physical availability of the Plateforme’s goods had to be assessed, also the operation on a website linked to an extended physical network (outlets) required the management of multiple types of data.

Various notions had to be taken into account: the calculation of the distance between the stocks and the geolocation of the customers, the guarantee of the availability of the products (the website is updated every 15 minutes), the delivery and / or withdrawal in store, or the stock replenishment, element necessary to ensure the satisfaction of its customers (reservation by night, ...). Furthermore, the project for the e-commerce site had to integrate a large volume of data from different sources as well as an extended product repository.

Multiple applications had to exchange data optimally. Moreover, the proper functioning of the site (customer data updates, monitoring the status of orders by smartphone, updates, data retrieval) required many “up” and “down” updates of information (from or to the website) . These were essential points of convergence for choosing an agile, flexible and solid solution such as Stambia.

« Before the implementation of the Stambia solution, we had to carry out our batches during the night, and upload them to the website in the morning. Exchanging with our ERP and sending data to the marketing department required considerable processing time » points out Maxime Horry, IT Manager of Business Applications at La Plateforme du Bâtiment.

A thorough study of the information system was necessary in view of the strategic challenge involved in implementing a completely digital approach.

The result of the study demonstrated the importance of structuring data flows around a data hub as well as implementing an API management for the new website in order to simplify the interaction of the website with the rest of the information system.

The Stambia solution was selected due to its simplicity of installation, its simplified management of the web services, its scalability faced with the daily development needs, as well as its innovative graphical interfaces.



« We needed an agile solution with responsiveness and a strong involvement from the software vendor: Stambia never failed to answer! », adds Maxime Horry.

The richness of the available functionalities (connectivity, templates ...), as well as its user-friendly development environment, have turned the Stambia solution into a key element, critical to the success of the e-commerce site project.

« The orchestration of all the flows is carried out optimally and continuously. Stambia has a very appreciable adaptability and allows us to monitor all our developments in a serene way: intuitively, easily and graphically », adss Yougourtha Bouhanik Development Engineer at the Plateforme du Bâtiment Information Systems Department.

Since its implementation, the e-commerce site of La Pateforme du Bâtiment welcomes close to 350 active buyers per day.

The website generated 25 Million Euros of turnover in 2015.



Key Benefits
  • Development time divided by 2
  • Significant reduction in development costs
  • Rapid deployment
Business & Functional:
  • Agile developments
  • User-friendly environment & very quick learning curve
  • Rich graphical functionalities and statistics
  • Scalability & flexibility of the solution
  • Management of large amounts of data
  • Processing data in real-time
Relationship with Stambia :
  • Support responsivness
  • User satisfaction (rating : 5/5)

Retail / Wholesale B2B

Company Size

1000 - 4999 employees



  • Databases : Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase IQ, My SQL
  • Other : Web Services REST et SOAP, XML, MDM, API DAM Alchemy, Files, FTP, SFTP
  • Areas : E-commerce, Data Hub, Business Intelligence  
About La platforme du batiment

La Plateforme du Bâtiment is the only distribution network offering all the products and services essential to craftsmen gathered under one roof.

A part of Groupe Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France, its business covers 60 sales outlets all over France. Every day from 6.30 am, Platform accompanies building professionals with the promise of helping them daily to save time and money thanks to its expert teams, available and welcoming.

With nearly 150,000 customers, the Plateforme’s product range provides its customers of all trades with a range of services for professionals (rental and on-site waste collection, workshop, paint tinting, deferred payment, 1h Drive, express delivery).