« Stambia, a rating of 5/5 »


A key specialist in the management of car maintenance, supply of tires and car parts, Norauto has strongly developed its service portfolio in recent years, positioning itself on the automotive services market as the strong and growing French leader.

The establishment of a commercial site for the Norauto brand required the replacement of the data integration management tool previously used: Oracle Data Integrator, ODI.

Indeed, the solution in place until 2013, did not allow to respond optimally and cheaply to the new strategy of the Norauto brand. The increase in the volume of data and the new developments that Norauto was facing, especially in the context of hierarchical data (XML), required the use of a more agile solution.

In addition, the technological evolution of the solution in place and the budget needed to update it did not allow Norauto to project itself in a confident manner and to benefit from an accompaniment to the extent of the issues to which Norauto had to respond.

The agility and expertise of the Stambia solution helped to meet Norauto's strategic and business challenges:

  • The guarantee of end-to-end support in setting up a data integration management solution,
  • Integration of decentralized and outsourced data,
  • Data Flow processing and creation of business repositories to streamline Norauto data,
  • Supports the success of the redesign of the norauto.com website (open internationally in more than 5 countries today). The solution Stambia accompanies Norauto on a daily bases, and demonstrates the adaptability of the solution, with simply, efficiency and at a lower cost.

The Stambia project and support team was asked to set up a POC through which Talend and ODI (Sunopsis) solutions were confronted with the power and flexibility of the Stambia solution, but these competing solutions have have not been selected. In fact, because of their constraining architecture or their transformation model, they did not meet the specifications imposed by Norauto, and the solution in place, for its part, was definitively stopped.

« The speed of implementation was particularly appreciated, as well as the graphic approach of the solution. The architecture of Stambia has also allowed us to reduce our dependence on the use of the network. Overall, it relieved us and saved us a lot of time », says Maryse Mechain, Functional Architect at Norauto IT Teams, who helped set up the Stambia solution.

The team involved in the deployment of the Stambia solution, composed among others of developers, could testify to a quick and easy handling, confirming Norauto's satisfaction in choosing the solution.


« The proximity of the Stambia teams, their availability and support are essential, and extremely significant compared to competing North American solutions, whose heavy and systematically in English processes would have made us waste an extremely valuable time », adds Maryse Méchain.


« We are satisfied with the Stambia solution and some of our data flows have been migrated to Stambia. All new data flows are written in Stambia. Stambia is a facilitator, we develop our connectors with their assistance and support, they are very close to us and we feel truly accompanied. I think I could rate it 5/5 if I had to rate Norauto's level of satisfaction », concludes Maryse Mechain.


Key Benefits
  • Ad hoc and fast scans without the need to pre-create indexes
  • Simplification of complex flows (XML, No SQL, etc.)
  • Robustness, security and maturity of the solution Performance
  • Optimization of flow processing times
  • Processing and managing a large volume of data (Big Data and NoSQL)
  • Streamlining processing times
Budget and costs:
  • No size limit for databases
  • Rationalization of reference data
  • Optimum profitability and budget optimization
Publisher relationship:
  • Availability of support teams
  • User satisfaction

Retail / CPG Automotive Services

Company Size

NORAUTO FRANCE (at 30/09/2016): 5,600 employees, 280 centers excluding franchise (369 centers, franchises included) NORAUTO INTERNATIONAL (at 09/30/2015): 1.76 billion euros in sales (turnover including franchisees), more than 11,000 employees (excluding franchisees), 576 car centers worldwide ( of which 100 franchisees), 5 countries


Norauto International, 5 countries

  • Databases : Oracle, Sybase IQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL
  • No SQL : Elastic Search avec SearchGuard, Cassandra
  • Applications : SAP ERP
  • Other : XML, Web Services, Rabbit MQ 
About Norauto

European leader in the maintenance and equipment of multi-brand vehicles, but also key player in the area of new mobilities, Norauto is part of the Mobivia group whose 16 brands (Norauto, Midas, Carter Cash ...) work every day to make mobility more easy.

For more than 40 years, Norauto, founder of the Mobivia Group, operates with the ambition to be the number one choice for most motorists.

Successful bid for the brand, Mobivia Groupe and its 16 brands that have become the European leader in the maintenance and equipment of multi-brand vehicles, serving more than 20 million motorists.

Norauto combines a self-service store and a multi-brand maintenance, equipment and repair shop. Norauto sells products under its own brand name and develops its service concept.