Hierarchical Files

Hierarchical files management for data integration projetcs


Make your Information System compatible with any type of file

Your organization may need to exchange data with third parties (partners, government agencies, customers, suppliers ...) using imposed data formats.

The Stambia connector for files allows to integrate or generate any type of file, whether simple (flat, positional, delimited ...) or complex and composed of hierarchies.

The file description is graphical and wizard-assisted.


Writing hierarchical files

Coupled with a mapping, the file handling is intuitive and only needs a simple drag / drop of fields.

Mappings can write complex files, composed of distinct and deep hierarchies.


Reading hierarchical files

Reading such files stays simple and performant, allowing in one single mapping to load multiple targets.

Data is only read once, even if multiple tables have to be loaded from a same file.



Replication of hierarchical files

Coupled to the Stambia replication component, the connector allows you to replicate a hierarchical model into a standard relational database.

Thus the reading or writing of a flat file is automated and requires no complex development. This component allows you to browse a directory and massively integrate hierarchical files into a relational database. In this case, there is no mapping, thus no development. The replicator is able to create a relational structure from the hierarchical structure of the file and to fill the database with the files that have been found in the folder.


JDBC/SQL integration

The hierarchical files connector, which is a JDBC driver, can read or write delimited or fixed length files and can manage occurrences inside a same line (variable length of the same type of line).

Once the description of the file has been done, it is possible to perform simple SQL orders to read the file as if it was a compound of multiple tables.