In 2019, get rid of the big bad wolf.

The story of the 3 little pigs revisited...


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At the beginning of this year, the three little e-pigs are wondering : should they build their Information System out of straw, wood or brick?

The story tells us that only brick, reliable and durable, allows you to be protected from unexpected events! The digital revolution teaches us that - finally -  everything is not that simple.

In a context where technologies evolve very quickly, it is tempting to seek agility, even if it means sacrificing a little on quality (or even durability) by opting for the rapidity of straw and wood. Results must come first....

Building with bricks is not always the most efficient: taking the time to define an architecture and then implementing it, and bang ! We are already overrun by a new wave of transformations and innovations. The wolf bit us!

However, at the same time, we think it is important to rationalize efforts to avoid a permanent cycle of making and undoing, and to have a bit of control on the outcome of the story ! (which fortunately will end well)

Yet... the solutions we have been implementing for years sometimes force us to choose a school : the traditional brick or the open source straw fire ?

For our three little pigs, it will be a matter of not hitting rock bottom (in French : end up on the straw !) with solutions that, although attractive, become expensive and fatten the big bad wolf.
It will also be advisable not to get trapped in brick architectures, lacking flexibility and visibility.

This is why, to free our Information Systems from the Big Bad Wolf paradigm, Stambia offers you for this new year a simple 3 point approach:


Unlock constraints with a unified solution

Data integration can be multiform.

The latest versions of Stambia allow you to combine all types of data integration (Big Data, API / Micro-services, BI, Streaming, Data Hub...) with a single, complete solution.

Migrate, aggregate, expose your data with Stambia's "universal" Mapping and unlock the constraints of traditional data integration solutions.

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Avoid dead ends with scalable technology

Thanks to its "template" approach, and its scalable technologies, Stambia adapts natively and quickly to changes in your information system.

You can accelerate your developments with flexible and versatile technology, without sacrificing the need to make them reliable and industrialize in a sustainable way.

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Free your budgets, do more with less and control your trajectory!

Projects that manipulate data can consume time and resources: software, architecture, development, maintenance, learning... are all points not to be neglected in the evaluation of the trajectory!

Stambia will allow you to guarantee the success of your projects by freeing up time for IT services while decompartmentalising your IS.

Provide readability to your business teams: Stambia reduces your overall data integration costs, and maximizes performance.

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Whatever your IS goals, with effort, work, and adapted solutions everything will be possible in 2019!

We will be at your side once again, and with great pleasure, to equip you, advise you and meet your needs.
Stambia wishes you a happy 2019.

The Stambia team!