In 2017, Sheep will still have 4 legs.

If you need more, please, read the following !




The 5-legged sheep does not exist, at least not yet.

But the 5-legged sheep of data integration is at your fingertips!

The Agile Leg

Stambia Installation is child’s play. Get ready in 5 minutes.

That’s exactly the time required to publish Web Services, develop your own mapping on Hadoop or even connect your favorite CRM like Salesforce.

In 2017, how about bringing more agility into your IS and focus together on your new innovative initiatives?

The Flexible Leg

Quickly adapting to a new environment is much easier when your solutions are designed for that!

5 days to 5 weeks is the average time we need to develop new connectors or new features upon customers' or partners' requests.

How about 2017 being the year of flexibility?

The Industrial Leg

You want to go faster, and at the same time make sure that everyone goes in the same direction?

5 times more productive than the other market solutions, we offer a new coding way, by industrializing your data integration flows.

From now on, how about focusing on your business cases?

The Economic Leg

Are you tired of big software vendors? Do you want more cost legibility ?

Stambia business model is predictable with a consistent cost of ownership.

With Stambia, you can be sure your developers team will improve productivity.

Stambia ensures maximum efficiency for the maintenance of your projects.

What if we reduced the overall cost of ownership for your data integration solutions this year?

The Social Leg

Successful projects mainly rely on human energy, commitment, and expertise. At Stambia, we believe that success is also based on a collaborative work, trust and a solid relationship.

How about making 2017 an opportunity to find the right partner for your data integration projects?

Discover how Stambia can simply become the partner on your road to success !