Stambia is opening four new subsidiaries in Brazil (São Paulo), Mexico (Mexico), India (New Delhi) and Singapore. These offices embody the company’s growth and its international presence.


« The opening of these 4 new subsidiaries is in line with our development strategy. This is a real growth driver. These areas have great potential and we will rely on the expertise of our local teams to provide Stambia to companies looking for a reliable and accessible data integration solution», says Fabien Bruder, CEO of Stambia.

The Asia Pacific operations will be managed by Aditya Sharma. He is joining Stambia, coming from Oracle, with a strong Business Development experience, particularly on topics such as Data Integration and Big Data.

After more than 15 years of consolidated experience in the IT industry (Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Verisign...), Guilherme Leite is taking over responsibility for Stambia business activities in the Latin America and Caribbeanzone.


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