This new version of Stambia brings higher productivity compared to other solutions, especially when managing XML files and Web Services.




With the launch of Stambia 1.6, Stambia confirms its positioning based on simplicity and productivity.

Managing XML and Web Services easily now becomes obviuous !

Stambia's vision is to give access to technologies that can be difficult to access. Though natural solutions which combine evidence and productivity, Stambia opens new doors to you.

XML vision

In this new version, Stambia enables you to handle XML sources and targets with stunning ease.

In a single mapping, in one glance, you can now load complex XML hierarchies with unrivaled performance.


Web Services vision

The main contribution of this version is without a doubt its Web Services vision, which takes a lot of inspiration from the XML model.

In a few clicks, learn how to handle web services, whether they be simple or highly complex.

Enter a new dimension where sending requests to an application or communicating with another becomes easy.




Learn in all simplicity

Giving easy access also means innovating in the technology's learning process. With Stambia 1.6, we have implemented a new e-learning method, directly integrated to the software's graphical interface. In a few hours, you can now learn and master the bulk of Stambia's technologies.

A complete educational program will help you discover, then master the handling of flat files, tables, XML files, and web services, with no prerequisite technical training.

Document, easily

Documenting projects takes time. This job can now be automated through Stambia's documentation functions.

Generate documentation for your mappings and processes in html format, with graphical diagrams and the details for all the properties.