Released at the end of 2017, here is a quick overview of this s19 version of Stambia.


The Mapping of the s19 version is in line with the continuity of the s18 version with a multi-target approach, the notion of stage / staging. It also makes it possible to carry out complex sequences. This s19 version introduces the notion of delegation to other platforms. From now on, it is possible to delegate an entire process. For example with BigData and interaction with Spark technology: some Java programs run outside Stambia. This increases the range of Stambia's delegation possibilities.

Summary of the main new features and improvements of the s19:


  • Exists and Not Exists operators
  • Stage Datatypes
  • Mapper
  • Datastore Layers (hierarchical datastore)

To know more, please consult the release note on

- Mapper function in Stambia Designer -  


  • Builddelivery performance improvements
  • Required Models enhancements
  • Security : TLS, cyphering key, Oauth2, …
  • JDBC connection pooling (Webservice REST / API / Microservices)
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General functions

  • User Defined Functions
  • New REST and Oauth2 wizard helper
  • Impact analysis / Data Lineage utility
  • Syntax coloring and bloc completion in Expression Editor
  • Documentation display (templates)
  • Cache and Build Mappings performance improvements

To know more, please consult the release note on

restWizard call
- New Wizard helper to reverse Webservices HTTP REST in Stambia Designer - 
syntaxColoring overview
- Code coloring in Stambia Designer - 
impactAnalysis example
- Data Lineage / Impact analysis utility in Stambia Designer - 


  • New Package Building utility
  • Required Models enhancements  

To know more, please consult the release note sur


The next version of Stambia built s19.1 is scheduled for Q1 2019.

It will bring major changes that French Customers were able to discover during the User Club on 27 September 2018.

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