We wish you the very best for 2021, and let you discover the  "Princess Data" story.

Save Princess Data!

Princesse Mina Dora bloquée dans son château par une mine d'or de données

Very, very, close to home, much closer than we think, in the kingdom of Information System, agitation is the order of the day.

Over the years, and as a result of many uses, blocks of data started piling up in the royal city.
More recently, the King's subjects started to dump new data from around the world.

Raw data was being dumped in such quantity that a vast lake was created, making it difficult to access the Bastion.

In front of this Bastion door were also the CRM Dragon, the Marketing Phoenix, the ERP Hydra, and many other contenders for the throne, making it even more impossible to get to the Bastion.

From the top of the Tower, Princess Data, adorned with her thousand variables and attractive statistical curves, awaits her savior: a prince of information, to free her from the infamous power of Legacy systems.

To help, each lord built its silo.

Business Intelligence remains strong and has many attributes.
But start-ups like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and its cousin Deep Learning, as well as others, are shaking things up.

They learned to swim in the icy waters of the lake, data streams.
Large, more modern parallel towers, called cloud systems or Ice-PAAS, reach sensational proportions. 

But the princess remains a prisoner. There is just too much data piling up.
It is chaos amongst the lords of the kingdom.
Everyone is working for themselves.
And although we know that data union is a strength, no one wants to get along.
Havoc has set in, and governing the kingdom has become perilous.

Desperate, the King appeals: the hand of the princess for the one who will extract and organize all the data, thus making the Tower accessible to free Data Princess.

Three knights show up, ready to take on the challenge:

duc software

The impressive Duke Software, from a well-established family and unafraid of anything.
He has known the lands of structured data for a long time..

sorcier bleu

The Blue Wizard of the Open Temple, a popular new religion.
Draped with his dogmas, he is proud and fearsome.

And finally, the humble Master of the Red Guild of Expert Craftsmen.
He works in the shadows but possesses hidden skills.


Duke Software has all his tools with him: digital catapults, character array trebuchets and Blob throwers. The cost is high for the King because the investment has to be paid. In the end, all this material is heavy and inefficient. The Duke is not prepared for the new data that litters the path. It will take 3 years to accomplish...And alas, it will be too late to free the princess.

On his end, the Blue Wizard of the Open Temple asks the King for a substantial rent. A guaranteed annual income... for 5 years... (which will allow him to develop his religion). He proposes to take his army of Developers to ensure the success of the project. But he doesn't know when he'll be back. According to him, release can take time. But he promises that one day, he'll succeed.

The Master of the Red Guild takes on the challenge without an armor or an army. Despite wise advice, he only brings the necessary equipment. He demands only a single price and a reasonable annual annuity. His objective: to enable his team of specialist craftsmen to continue to develop new tools for the future needs of the King and the people.


la Bataille du Royaume Data

To everyone's surprise, within a few weeks, with simplicity, agility, and a small dose of ingenuity, the Master of the Red Guild managed to regulate the lake, distract the dragons, phoenixes, and other enemies of the order, and secure easy access to the Bastion. The Master frees Princess Data and allows the King to gradually clean up the Data.
Princess Mina Dora libérée


For this beginning (end) of the year, Stambia wishes you the same success in your projects.
We are by your side to help you enjoy your data with ease and to devote a small dose of shared pleasure to it every day!

See you very quickly on your data projects!

Happy new year 2021 !